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asset search

In this Digital Era, individuals, businesses and law firms alike, are requiring Asset search services from Private Investigation firms like Alpha Group, for a number of reasons. The harsh reality is that with basic computer skills and knowledge of the banking system, it is easier than ever to embezzle funds throughout the world, with the click of a mouse.

Hiring a Private Investigator to uncover hidden assets can be a valuable tool for lawyers, in various of circumstances, be it collections, child support, civil proceedings or corporate settlements. All too often, a client will claim they are not capable of paying for services rendered. An asset investigation can indicate if that person or business is being truthful or not and if the lawyer should take that client to court to obtain money owed. Knowing an individual or company’s worth can also help to determine a settlement amount for a client. An Asset investigation can help to determine an accurate net worth of a person or business entity in addition to uncovering potential assets that the business or person may attempt to hide or not declare.

The discovery of massive fraud within an organization or business entity in the form of embezzlement, fraudulent expenses and theft from corporate bank accounts is all too common. When a misappropriation of company funds occurs, any delay in commencing an effective investigation can jeopardize the recovery process. Alpha Group’s forensic accounting experts and investigators, can work with counsel, to gain court orders or judgments allowing the search for hidden or stolen assets. Once discovered, those assets can then be seized or frozen, leading to the recovery process.

An asset search can be a tool for the average citizen to avoid falling victim to theft, fraud, ponzi schemes or to simply collect a debt. With the ever growing creativity of fraud scams, the average citizen should always be extra vigilant whether they are purchasing a car from a previous owner, hiring a company for a service or requiring a service for the home from a private contractor.  An asset investigation can help an individual to locate public records, property or real estate held by a person or business entity to identify potential suspicious activity such as a fraudulent business, fraud, or judgments.

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