Using cutting-edge hardware & software, Alpha Group utilizes proven forensic methods to acquire and examine data from a variety of devices that store digital data. Our forensic examiner’s knowledge and expertise, interpreting and verifying results, produces meaningful reports and expert testimony, easily understood by attorneys, judges and juries. Alpha Group has the experience and knowledge to perform professional cost effective examinations.

We use the same, primary equipment and software utilized by most Department of Justice agencies and follow procedures generally accepted in the computer forensics field in all our investigations.


Our Cyber security and Computer forensic services include but are not limited to:

  • Capture and analyze data on your hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives and other media outlets
  • Conduct Electronic Countermeasures/Debugging
  • unauthorized electronic surveillance
  • Locate digital contraband, phone bugging, GPS and bugging sweeps
  • Malware search, data breach threat assestment