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How to Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

Before you start your holiday shopping, beware of the many tricks and scams that are currently out there, phishing information from online shoppers. Most recently, a legitimate looking email has been circulating to both  Amazon Prime and non-Prime members that reads; “Your order cannot be shipped.” In the subject line.   The email states


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Medical Identity Theft

The rising crime of Medical Identity Theft Medical Identity Theft is a growing trend among cyber criminals that is quickly becoming the biggest target among identity thieves. Whether there was a lack of use of data encryption technology, insider breaches or unauthorized access and hacking of health care provider technology, the theft of medical information


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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance Fraud investigation isn’t exclusive to the industry. What the average person may not realize, is that a good majority of fraudulent insurance claims, implicate a second party. These fraudulent claims can cost the victim an increase in premiums, legal fees and expensive payouts. Private citizens and businesses alike can benefit from hiring a private


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Wire Tapping Surveillance

Thanks to Hollywood and TV Dramas like CSI, the average citizen might imagine a private investigator has the right to legally bug and wiretap anyone’s office or home. However, that is an incorrect and morally wrong picture of a reputable investigator. The laws in each State and Country, for what accounts for legitimate electronic surveillance,