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WannaCry Ransomware Copycat Bug


The WannaCry Ransomware bug may have been remedied thanks to White Hats and developers, but it is still wreaking havoc. In the aftermath of this latest ransomware epidemic, copycats are popping up which mimic many attributes of the WannaCry attack. The most recent copycat example of the Android ransomware, has capitalized on Wannacry’s popularity in order to make some fast cash. The latest bug, appears after downloading a fake version of the popular King of Glory game, as an app icon with the name, lycorisradiata, an aromatic Red Spider Lily, also called the magic lily.

The application requests permission to perform tasks such as access to Internet and WiFi state. The long list of App requests includes permissions to set wallpaper, get tasks, modify audio settings, change configuration, read logs and many others that should set off a few red flags to the average smartphone user. Once it has been installed, the icon will disappear from the app drawer, with a new visible icon (lycoris radiata). Experts have confirmed that this is in face the same malicious application with a new icon. The bug also changes the wallpaper to show images of the Red Magic Lily, Anime and other illustrations.

If you try to open another application or push the ransomware into the background, a Warning message will show up, warning the user that files will be deleted if they quit the application.  The warning screen mimics the WannaCry ransomware screen. The fear tactic is then used to solicit a ransom payment.

Tips to avoid falling victim to malicious Android Bugs
  • Wannacry cannot currently infect Android devices. It used a windows exploit that can affect windows systems.
  • Only Use Google Play to download Apps on Android devices.
  • Use an Android-Anti Virus software to keep your phone safe from malicious apps.
  • Download updates and patches regularly

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