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Smartphone Safety: Sharing Photos Online

We’re all guilty of uploading and sharing photos of our beautiful families, vacations and even the occasional selfie on social media websites like facebook, twitter and instagram. But did you know that you could be putting your children at risk by uploading their photos online?  Our expert tech and computer forensic investigator explains how to


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WannaCry Ransomware A Global Attack

Ransomware has struck again, impacting major networks across the world. By Friday the bug known as WannaCry, a.k.a. Wcry locked an estimated 200,000 computers throughout 150 regions across the globe. Russia, the Ukraine and Taiwan were among the Countries hit especially hard. Notorious for supporting over 24 different languages to deliver ransome messages, this self-replicating


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Medical Identity Theft

The rising crime of Medical Identity Theft Medical Identity Theft is a growing trend among cyber criminals that is quickly becoming the biggest target among identity thieves. Whether there was a lack of use of data encryption technology, insider breaches or unauthorized access and hacking of health care provider technology, the theft of medical information


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Ransomware The Growing Threat to Law firms & Small Business

Cyber criminals are turning ransomware scams into a lucrative extortion-for-profit business. Law firms are quickly becoming a leading target for these attacks, due to the wealth of information stored on their networks, without proper security measures to guard them. These digital extortionists are fetching a price for everything from address books to the highly sensitive


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Smart Car Security Threat

When you hear the words “Smart Car” you may have once thought it meant a car with great mileage or affordable for all it offers. Nowadays, the term, Smart Car refers to an automobile with some form of cloud management device, such as a remote starter, Bluetooth compatibility or a car that is simply connected


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Digital Art Theft Security And Recovery

The Growing Art Theft of digital art and new media When you hear the words “Art Theft” you immediately imagine a rare painting or sculpture being hoisted from it’s home, be it a museum or a mansion. However, there is a growing trend of digital art theft, taking place every day online. Whether you are