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Insurance Fraud Investigation

insurance fraud investigation

Insurance Fraud investigation isn’t exclusive to the industry. What the average person may not realize, is that a good majority of fraudulent insurance claims, implicate a second party. These fraudulent claims can cost the victim an increase in premiums, legal fees and expensive payouts. Private citizens and businesses alike can benefit from hiring a private investigator if they believe they may have been a victim of Insurance fraud.

One of the more common of insurance scams for the private citizen involves staged automotive incidents. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, false injury claims involving staged car crashes are a major reason automobile premiums in New York, Florida and New Jersey are among the nation’s highest. Something as simple as someone sideswiping your car and claiming they are not at fault, can lead to an insurance premium increase as well as a potential claim from the scammer to obtain additional money. Other common insurance fraud scams that can endanger the average citizen include crooked home repair/renovation contractors, arson, medical identity theft and life insurance. Alpha Group’s highly trained insurance fraud investigation team can work to uncover the truth, potentially finding a pattern of previous schemes which can save an individual expensive premiums, payouts and legal fees.

An insurance fraud investigation can stop a criminal from benefiting from deceitful accusations and claims to obtain a payout from a small business or a corporation as well. A false workers compensation claim by a dishonest employee can cause major financial concerns for a small business. One shoddy claim can easily bankrupt a small business, with an unaffordable hike in Workers Comp Insurance premiums. Alpha Group Investigations can work to identify suspicious behavior from a potentially dishonest employee, if he/she has a history of filing claims, were there any witnesses, was the injury or incident reported in a timely manner or if the claim coincides with an employment status change.

For more than 20 years, Alpha Group Investigations proven track record and success within the insurance industry remains unprecedented. Currently, our highly trained team of Insurance defense investigators are teamed with 48 carriers throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Alpha Group investigations maintains a close relationship with the representing attorneys, familiarizing ourselves with the case details. We also keep a close professional working relationship with many outside Counsel Law Firms assisting the Insurance Industry.

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