Domestic / Marital Investigation, TOOLS & TRENDS

Marital Investigation Blended Families

Domestic or marital investigation has changed dramatically with the times. With the US average of marriages, ending in divorce is between 40-50%, blended families and third party caregivers, are more and more common. While we do receive a good deal of infidelity casework, we take domestic investigations much further than the cheating spouse.

At Alpha Group, our first concern is always the welfare of a child. Who is the child left with during the day? Who is caring for the child or children? Does the caregiver have a history of substance abuse or worse? These extremely delicate investigations, requires us to obtain all of the facts in a morally decent way, protecting the privacy and sanctity all children involved… Inevitably assuring the safety and well being of a child is protected.

Alpha Group’s Domestic/Marital investigation services include background on third party caregivers, such as a nanny, housekeeper or babysitter. We conduct discreet surveillance and background investigations on new family members, such as a second spouse. We do so without ever involving the children.

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