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Premarital Background Check


Before the I Do’s and Wedding Plans – Premarital Background Check

Marriage; It’s an inevitable part of life for most people. However, it’s common for many successful business professionals, to put marriage off to exceed in one’s career. So what happens when the wealthy meet that special someone, who’s the perfect combination of brains and beauty? How do you know if they truly love you for you versus your money.

A premarital background search, checks for red flags like past marriages, inflated educational or business credentials, suspected marriage fraud and exaggerated financial assets. A search can also uncover a hidden past, someone may have good reason to hide, such as earlier arrests, bad credit and former engagements. Whether a premarital background search uncovers a shameful past or just a few silly secrets, it is a vital tool when contemplating a prenuptial agreement.

What goes into a premarital background search?
  • Surveillance and Shadowing daily routine
  • Family background and reputation check
  • Matrimonial Verification (proof of second or illegal marriage, history of infidelity etc)
  • Income and Financial status (employment history, professional reputation, education)
  • Character Verification (social behavior, nature, habits, online profile and search habits)

To Consult with Alpha Group on premarital background searches, please contact one of our three main offices in Florida, New Jersey and New York

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