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Why Hiring a Private Investigator Beats Using a Search Engine for a Background or People Search

In today’s Corporate, Legal and Private sectors, Background and People searches are extremely common. With so much access to online search engines, it’s no wonder the average person would think they could do it on their own. While locating a person or a background on an individual often begins on the computer, not everything is online. The way we interpret the limited data available on a standard search engine can do more harm than good. the tools to properly interpret multiple background sources and has the skills and tools to properly hit the streets to get information you would not find online.

Private Sector:

A private investigator has the training to properly verify an individual is who they say they say are. From confirming if a driver’s licence or other sensitive documents to confirm they are authentic to checking on potential aliases, these tasks are not something the average person could easily confirm. Premarital background checks are a good example of how investigators can be indispensable in the private sector. Sweetheart scams and other crimes of persuasion are all too common in the age of online dating. An investigator not only searches public records for previous marriages and criminal records, but they will run throughout searches for state or federal tax liens, hidden assets, judgments, bankruptcies and similar financial reports.

Business / Corporate Sector

For many businesses, prior to hiring someone, a Human Resources representative will check the social media profiles of an individual. A private investigator can search a full timeline of an average profile, potentially discovering deleted posts, photos and personal views that might set off Red Flags to an employer. In addition to a basic background check, an investigator looks at a person’s work history, financial background and personally handles facts and/or reference checks to help weed out bad hires, potential threats and suspicious behaviors or patterns for an employer.

Legal & Trial Preparations

The average law firm does not have an in-house investigator. Those that do, most likely have one investigator for the entire firm. Hiring a private investigator to perform due diligence, background or fact checking statements from witness testimony can prevent a case from falling apart. In a negligence case (personal injury claim) an investigator can utilize surveillance skills to discover potential fraud, false accusation or verify a claim without discovery. While not as common, an investigator can also be essential in locating an individual, for law firms, whether a subpoena needs serving or a witness needs delivering to court.

In the end, the most important decisions the average person or business official will make should include all the facts and information attainable. A private investigations team, like Alpha Group, will not stop until every detail, database and possible reference has been analyzed and delivered with their recommendation.

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