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Ransomware The Growing Threat to Law firms & Small Business

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Cyber criminals are turning ransomware scams into a lucrative extortion-for-profit business. Law firms are quickly becoming a leading target for these attacks, due to the wealth of information stored on their networks, without proper security measures to guard them. These digital extortionists are fetching a price for everything from address books to the highly sensitive information, clients share with their attorneys as leverage to collect an easy pay day. However, any company or institution that relies on its network to exist or serve the public daily is in danger of falling victim to a ransomware attack.

What is Ransomware:

Ransomware is essentially a digital denial-of-access attack that prevents users on a server, from gaining access to data and devices. When ransomware is downloaded to a server, it renders all data inaccessible, through encryption. Cyber criminals will then hold the data hostage, so to speak, demanding a ransom in exchange for a decryption key. These ransomware attacks are usually carried out using a Trojan.

For example, Someone using the office network, clicks on an email, URL link or a photo that is doctored to appear like it is from a legitimate source, i.e. a department issued email address. Once that person clicks on the booby trapped content, the ransomware is installed, corrupting all files on the network server.

Any business, institution or organization that depends on continuous system access as a vital part of daily enterprise is a target. Ransomware extortionists target the average small business owner, hospitals, police stations and individuals every day. The more you depend on your network to operate day to day, the bigger risk you are to fall victim to these online predators.

While it is vital to the success of your business, law firm and even home network to practice safe surfing, there is only so much one person can do to protect a network from ransomware. Sure you should always be wary of suspicious emails with only links in the body or subject line. Always backup your network on a separate hard drive and be certain you can recreate the data from the backup. However, the very best practice to protect from ransomware is prevention through the best in digital security measures.

Alpha Group’s unique Computer Forensics services include safeguarding your network with security measures designed by one of the countries most astute in the field. We have the tools and the experts, equipped with the knowledge and know-how to secure your businesses networks and eliminate cyber intrusions before they occur. Our Computer forensics services are a trusted form of cyber defense for small businesses, corporations, Hollywood studios and Law firms, who rely on the highest levels of confidentiality for their client base.

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