The Relationship between Lawyer & Private Investigator

relationship between a lawyer & a Private Investigator

Forming a solid bond and a respectable reputation is essential to the Lawyer/Private Investigator relationship. Both parties benefit from a collaborative relationship, which is why it so important to find the right fit. Whether it be similar areas of expertise, ethics or business practices, the relationship between a Lawyer and a Private Investigator is just as important as the quality of case work.

Client/Attorney privilege or privileged communications, is intended to encourage complete honesty and communication between the client and a Lawyer. Even if that client seeks free or paid advice from a lawyer, the attorney-client privilege exists. That confidentiality, communication and absolute trust between a lawyer and a Private Investigator is as vital to adhere to.

It is equally important for a lawyer to understand that investigative conduct is increasingly under close scrutiny.  Laws and regulations which govern the scope of permissible investigative conduct is constantly evolving. Furthermore these laws and regulations can vary significantly in each jurisdiction.

The Private Investigator is responsible for discovering accurate and reliable facts, evidence and credible witnesses. Retaining an outside (the firm) Investigator does not mean that the lawyer relinquishes responsibility for how an investigation is managed. Lawyers are both legally and ethically responsible for the actions and services of those retained. Which is why it is so important for an attorney to chose an investigator with the expertise and knowledge of both the law and the boundaries of legally permissible conduct. Choosing a Private Investigator without the knowledge or know how of methods that may be considered unethical or illegal can pose severe consequences for the attorney.

At Alpha Group Investigations, the ethics of our Private Investigators and supporting staff is widely, well respected in the legal and investigative community. Our team understands the importance of staying abreast of the latest laws in every State Jurisdiction and throughout many Countries abroad, where casework is assigned.  In addition to being well versed in the law, we must treat each case with the same confidential client/attorney privilege as a lawyer does.

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