Title IX Investigations

title ix investigations

We’ve all watched the made for TV dramas where a young co-ed is silenced by the school board, made to believe that she has no case because of her behavior. But even fiction is based on some form of fact. Title IX Investigation involves looking into or debunking accusations of sexual discrimination in all federally funded educational programs and activities. According to the Chronicle​’s Title IX investigation tracker, since the year 2011, there have been 399 government conducted investigations into colleges for allegedly mishandling reports of sexual violence. Out of the nearly 400 cases, only 62 cases have been resolved, with an average case duration of 1.7 years.

In April of 2011 the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights issued a doctrine demanding that colleges investigate any reports of Sexual Assault and protect the students through the process. These investigations include possible violations of the gender-equity law, involving alleged sexual violence.

What is Title IX

Title IX is a federal law prohibiting sexual discrimination in all educational programs and activities that are federally funded. These complaints are at the forefront of litigation concerns within University communities and with good reason. Given the history of senior-level academic faculty placing vital, immediate, pro-active and professional investigations on the back burner, the concern for victims and the falsely charged has recently come to light in the educational sector.

Alpha Group Investigations has and continues to investigate Title IX issues throughout the United States. The serious nature of the Title IX decisions affects both the reporting party as well as the accused. Both deserve to be heard during the process of a professional and unbiased investigation. Our team of highly trained, professional investigators are dedicated to a confidential, discreet, and thorough examination of the related issues that motivated a Title IX report.

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